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Monday, December 5, 2016

CIA backed "rebels" may join Al-Qaeda

Members of al Qaeda's Nusra Front carry their weapons as they walk near al-Zahra village, north of Aleppo city, November 25, 2014. © Hosam Katan / Reuters

A Bipartisan Unconstitutional War

  • Without a declaration of war Democrats and the GOP have eagerly locked arms to pump mountains of weapons into Syria and send in an endless resupply of ammo.

(RT News)  -  Armed groups in Syria previously vetted by the US to receive weapons through CIA channels may join jihadist forces if the Trump administration abandons them, the Washington Post warned.
During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump questioned the Obama administration’s policy of secretly providing weapons to rebel groups in Syria, saying, “we have no idea who these people are.”
He also voiced his intention to ally the US with Russia to defeat the Islamic State terrorist group (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Syria. Rebels opposed to the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, who the US has dubbed ‘moderate opposition,’ are considering forming “a closer alliance with better-armed Al-Qaeda and other extremist groups,” according to the Washington Post, which cites US officials, regional experts, and the rebels themselves.

Other rebel options for survival may include obtaining “more sophisticated weaponry from Sunni states” and adopting“more traditional guerrilla tactics” like small-scale raids on “Syrian and Russian targets.” The US-backed siege of Mosul, Islamic States’ stronghold in Iraq, has stalled largely due to hit-and-run attacks carried out by the terrorist group.
“We are very frustrated,” one US-vetted rebel commander told the US-based newspaper on condition of anonymity. “The United States refuses to provide the weapons we need, and yet it still thinks it can tell us what to do. They promise support and then watch us drown,” he complained.
“America will have no influence if our comrades are forced [to retreat to] Idlib” from Aleppo, he warned.
Adam B. Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, shares this concern.
“There will be significant reputational costs with our allies in the region if we abandon support of the moderate opposition,” he said.
The Washington Post warning comes as Russia’s Reconciliation Center for Opposing Sides in Syria reported that some 500 fighters from the jihadist Al-Nusra Front group, which has rebranded itself as Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, have surrendered the town of Al-Tall north of Damascus to government forces and left for Idlib province along with their families. A similar change of control reportedly occurred on Friday in the town of Khan al-Shih.
Idlib province is a major center for groups opposed to Damascus. Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front reportedly has an estimated 10,000 fighters there that dominate the area. Another jihadist group, Ahrar al-Sham, is also in the region, though, unlike Russia and Syria, the US doesn’t consider its fighters to be terrorists.
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Al Nusra-Al Qaeda in Syria

Vietnam vet dies with maggots crawling in wound

Words Fail Me

(World Net Daily)  -  Four employees at an Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs facility have resigned after a resident with a maggot-infested wound died while under their care.
Vietnam veteran Owen Reese Peterson, 73, initially came to the Talihina Veterans Center with an infection, but ended up with sepsis and died on Oct. 3.
Owen Peterson
Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection that can damage the internal organs, causing them to fail.
Peterson had apparently been at the facility for just a few weeks, and the time frame between the gruesome discovery of the maggots and his death is unclear.
“He did not succumb as a result of the parasites,” Executive Director Myles Deering told the Tulsa World. “He succumbed as a result of the sepsis.”
A physician’s assistant and three nurses, including the director of nursing, resigned in the wake of the investigation, said Shane Faulkner, a spokesman for the ODVA.
“All four chose to resign before the termination process began,” Faulkner said.
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Democrats Demand TSA Pander to Transsexuals

São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade Announces 2016 Event Will Focus on Transgender Rights

The Loony Left Strikes Again

At last word, the TSA has still never stopped a terrorist. According to a DHS report, it failed to detect banned weapons and mock explosives in 95% of trials. But as Shrillary might shriek, what difference does it make? As a federal agency, its main objective is to advance moonbattery. To that end:
Rep. Kathleen Rice, D-N.Y., introduced legislation [last] week aimed at changing airport security screening procedures for transgender people.
A description of the bill in the Congressional Record said the bill, H.R. 6420, is meant to “improve the screening of transgender persons at airport security checkpoints.”
Here’s the problem, according to moonbats:
Rice and other Democrats said machines require screeners to select “male” or “female” in order to configure the scanner for each person.
“This protocol may be well-suited to screen some cisgender passengers, but they do so at the expense of singling out transgender or gender nonconforming individuals whose physical appearances may not necessarily match their biological sex,” Democrats wrote. “Cisgender” is a term that refers to anyone who isn’t transgender.
After persons of sacred transgenderedness feel they are being pandered to with sufficient obsequiousness, then maybe the TSA will turn its attention to preventing terrorists from boarding with explosives.

Meanwhile the rest of us at the airport . . . 

Free Staters may have cost GOP Senate Seat in New Hampshire

Bye Bye Kelly
  • John McCain worshiping Kelly Ayotte also rejected The Donald only to be rejected in turn by voters.
  • The 17,000 votes cast for Free State Project Chair Aaron Day may have cost the GOP a Senate seat.
  • I can't stand open borders Democrat/Marxists, but when the alternative "choice" is open borders, big government loving, warmonger Republicans it is not much of a choice.

(Reason.com)  -  Aaron Day, a former chair of both New Hampshire's Free State Project and the New Hampshire branch of the Republican Liberty Caucus, never much liked his state's Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte.

He liked her so little he got on the ballot as an independent in her race this year. And she lost. (Democrat Maggie Hassan won.)

But did Day really beat her?

"Beating Ayotte was my goal," Day says, in a phone interview this week. "I appeared in Breitbart article in November of last year in which I threatened to get in [the race] over Medicaid expansion" which Ayotte supported.

"If the New Hampshire GOP isn't for getting rid of Obamacare in its various forms, we have no Party," he says. (Day says that, with his independent run done and no further plans for any running for office himself, he's a Republican again.)

Given that he earned 17,742 votes and Ayotte lost by just over 1,000, Day thinks he was the secret ingredient that brought her down.

"This was one of the most expensive state races in the country," Day says, with $30 million spent by the campaigns themselves, and a reported $100 million total. 

"The question is, why did I get 17 thousand votes, given that I didn't spend any money, had no campaign website, didn't go to debates, didn't give speeches, and didn't have yard signs?" Day says. "How did I get five thousand more votes than the Libertarian? It's because the hardcore Republicans and the liberty community and the Free Staters see my name on the ballot and know who I am."

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Comics

Is The Government Spying On Schizophrenics Enough?

Trump lashes another company moving to Mexico

“There’s not enough taxpayer money to reward companies not to leave the country when we’re competing with $3-an-hour wages in Mexico.”
Chuck Jones
President of United Steelworkers

  • Chuck Jones is right. Imports have to be controlled at the border by the Feds. That is their job. If we do not act the entire country will be drained dry and impoverished.

(Wall Street Journal)  -  Donald Trump took aim Friday at a second U.S. manufacturer that plans to move jobs from Indiana to Mexico, a day after he threatened consequences for business that shifted American jobs abroad.
“Rexnord of Indiana is moving to Mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers,” Mr. Trump wrote at 10:06 p.m. on Twitter. “This is happening all over our country. No more!”

Rexnord, which is based in Milwaukee, intends to move production of industrial bearings from Indianapolis to Monterrey, Mexico, according to the employee union. The move, expected by the middle of next year, would eliminate about 300 jobs.
Chuck Jones, president of United Steelworkers local that represents Indianapolis workers at both Carrier and Rexnord, said Friday he was grateful for President-elect Trump’s intervention but he isn’t optimistic other companies will shelve plans to move manufacturing abroad, even if they are offered state or federal incentives.
“There’s not enough taxpayer money to reward companies not to leave the country when we’re competing with $3-an-hour wages in Mexico,” said Mr. Jones. He said Rexnord appears determined to leave and the union is negotiating over severance benefits.
The steelworkers union said Rexnord rejected the union’s proposals for wage freezes and other concessions to lower costs. The union said the hourly wages at the plant, which currently range from $18.82 to $30.81, would have to drop below the U.S. minimum to match the company’s estimated costs savings in Mexico.
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ISIS savages crucify Christian for FIVE HOURS

One More Time

  • The wars in Syria and Iraq have gone on for YEARS.  So one more time I ask: "In this years long war who is giving ISIS and the other Islamist groups this endless supply of new weapons and the resupply of ammo?  The simple three letter spelling is C-I-A.

(UK Express)  -  Islamic State fighters crucified a Christian in a harrowing five-hour ordeal telling him “if you love Jesus, you will die like Jesus”.

Christians who fled their homes when ISIS took control of large swathes of Iraq have revealed the sickening torture those who were left behind were forced to endure.
The jihadis gave Christians four options - leave, convert to Islam, pay a religious tax or die.
Now one Christian, named Esam, has revealed how his brother-in-law was crucified following five hours of torture. 
Speaking to charity, ADF International, he said: “My wife’s brother was crucified by Daesh.
“He was crucified and tortured in front of his wife and children, who were forced to watch. They told him that if he loved Jesus that much, he would die like Jesus.”
ISIS then cut his brother-in-law’s stomach open and shot him before leaving him to die on a cross. 
The victim’s wife and children are now safe in Sweden, but in a further blow, the wife has been diagnosed with cancer. 
Esam said: “A Swedish organisation helped his wife and the children; they are now in Sweden. His wife has cancer.”
Another Christian, using the pseudonym Marijam, told ADF International how her brother was crucified after ISIS stormed the family home in the Nineveh Plains. 
The jihadis beat her brother in front of his family and threatened to kill him when he tried to fight back. 
ISIS fighters told him: "We will crucify you like your dog, Jesus Christ.”
Marijam said the heinous jihadis then stabbed her brother and tortured him for five hours in front of his wife and children. 
They then nailed him to a wooden plank and hanged his body on a cross before shooting him in the mouth in front of his terrified family. 
The UN condemned Daesh for committing genocide against Yazidis in Iraq in June, but is yet to rule on the terror group’s actions against Christians. 
Esam, a father-of-three from Qaraqosh, said there have been reports of ISIS abducting Christian girls to become sex slaves. 
At least two more of his wife’s relatives were unable to escape, with fears one man may have been killed and a female relative forced to live with the jihadis. 
He said: “We heard of 12 Christian girls who are with Daesh. They may be more. 
“Our bishop told people not to tell if they lose their girls: it is a shame on the family.” 
The Christian population of Iraq has been decimated from two million in 2003 to just 180,000 today.
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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Saturday Sultress - Ola Jordan

Aleksandra "Ola" Jordan (née Grabowska; born 30 September 1982) is a Polish professional ballroom dancer. She appeared as a professional on the British TV show Strictly Come Dancing from 2006 to 2015. After winning a championship event in her native Poland, Jordan moved to England.


Solar storm could WIPE OUT modern technology by 2020

Dig Your Man Cave Deeper

  • I moved out of the Hell Hole of Southern California and into the mountains of Central California. Now upon reflection I may not have moved far enough away to stand a chance in the coming Armageddon.
  • Earth has been bombarded by solar radiation since day one, but the modern technology grid is only decades old. So a new round of solar flares and/or EMP blast will turn back the clock to 1850 with massive starvation and wars over food.

(UK Express)  -  There is a one in eight chance that the Earth will be hit by a huge solar storm by 2020 which could potentially leave the world without Internet, phone service and many more services that modern-day humans rely on.

Researchers have warned that there is roughly a 12 per cent chance that a solar storm could smash into Earth by the end of the decade.
The powerful event would likely be as huge as the Carrington Event, which occurred on 1859.
Be it a solar flare or EMP blast by North Korea it will
be the end of the world as we know it.

The solar storm which hit 150 years ago was so powerful that its southern auroras could be seen as far north as Queensland in Australia.
Today, in a modern world so dependent on technology, the implications would be far more severe.
Solar storms can wreak havoc on global technology as the radiation which pummels our planet heats up the outer atmosphere, causing it to expand.
This means that satellite signals will struggle to penetrate the swollen atmosphere, leading to a lack of Internet service, GPS navigation, satellite TV such as Sky and mobile phone signal.
Additionally, increased currents in the Earth’s magnetic field – or magnetosphere – could theoretically lead to a surge of electricity in power lines, which can blow out electrical transformers and power stations leading to a temporary loss of electricity in a region.
The prediction of a huge solar storm by 2020 was made by Pete Riley, senior scientist at Predictive Science in San Diego, California, who was surprised to see that the chance was so high.
He said: “Even if it’s off by a factor of two, that’s a much larger number than I thought.”
A solar storm the size of the Carrington Event would cost an estimated $2trillion (£1.6trillion) to the US economy in the first year it struck, with a 2008 report from the National Research Council stating that it could take up to 10 years to fully recover.
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George Noory:
America Vulnerable To EMP Attack

400 Chernobyls, Solar Flares, EMP & Nuclear Armageddon with Author Matt Stein 1/3
Alex talks with environmentalist, bestselling author, and MIT trained engineer Matt Stein, who will talk about his article, 400 Chernobyls: Solar Flares, EMP, and Nuclear Armageddon.

EMP Threat
NORAD Moves Back to Cheyenne Mountain
When the electric grid goes down it will be "Mad Max" on steroids.
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